Are Treadmills Bad for Arthritic Knees

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Many people who have arthritis in their knees worry about the effect that running or other exercises will have on their joints.

However, many studies have proven that regular exercise including running and walking is beneficial for your joints and can even help reduce pain and improve joint function.

Understanding the benefits of exercise can help those with osteoarthritis to feel comfortable with their decision to begin an exercise program.

Indeed, with ever-changing technology, people are looking for ways to strengthen their joints and manage the pain with less impact on their joints.

Moreover, in this era treadmills can be one of the best options for those with arthritis because they don’t require any impact and can still be an effective form of exercise.

So, in this article, we are going to discover how it could have a positive impact on arthritis knees, and what safety factors you should consider while choosing a treadmill for exercise.

Why are Treadmills Great for Arthritic Knees?

There are indeed numerous ways to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. There are many medications, exercises, physical therapy, etc. Best treadmills for bad knees, on the other hand, are useful in treating the same. They are used to strengthen the muscles and tendons in your knees.

Additionally, one good thing about treadmill exercises is that they can be done anytime in the day, with or without supervision, and they can be continued for a long time.

The exercise session on a treadmill can last for even an hour at a stretch. This way, you can make your knees strong, while helping yourself lose some weight in the bargain. Furthermore, one difference is that a patient with arthritis is required to exert less intensity.

It is very imperative to exercise to maintain muscle tone. Treadmills, in particular, can be used to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Note: A treadmill workout should be started only when you have consulted a doctor and got his permission.

On the other hand, an exercise diary is a must for every patient suffering from arthritis. By the way, the constant need for adequate exercise applies to everyone. When one is on a treadmill, the knees get the maximum workout which is a great form of exercise.

Can Treadmills Be Bad For Arthritic Knees?

Treadmills can be bad for your knees if you use them in improper ways. If you run without care, and without a cushioning system then the extra impact can aggravate the pain that you are undergoing.

Moreover, using them in wet and exhausted conditions will also result in worsening arthritis in the knees. Obviously, if you keep on running for an extended period, it can also cause pain and stiffness in the joints.

So, it is better to use them in the right ways to lessen the impact on the knees. It is said, treadmills are safe for use for people with pain in their knees as long as they are used properly.

Therefore, if you are going to use a treadmill, then make sure that you are going to use it with the right shoes and you are going to be following a good running form.

How Do You Know If A Treadmill Is Safe For Your Arthritis?

Anyone with arthritis can use a treadmill if they can move around without disturbing any joint pain. In addition to this, they should never experience any numbness while using the treadmill.

However, if the knee pain is caused by damage to the bones and joints, then it is possible that the treadmill can cause more harm to the knees. Therefore, be sure to use the treadmill at a slower speed and for short periods.

If you experience any pain or discomfort in the joints, then you should stop the treadmill immediately.

No matter how intense the pain is, you cannot use the treadmill if it results in a change in the normal walking pattern. In addition to this, you should never ignore any tingling sensation, swelling, bruising, and redness of the joints.

It is best to visit a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms while you are using the treadmill.

There are specific treadmills that are designed especially to suit a person with arthritis. These treadmills include handrails to provide better support and stability. So, better use that one.

Exercise Ideas For Older Adults With Arthritis on the Treadmill

The treadmill is an ideal exercise tool for older adults with arthritis. There are many ways to use the treadmill to exercise the body and improve physical fitness.

1. Slow Walking

Walking is the most obvious exercise when it comes to exercising on the treadmill. However one of the biggest problems with arthritis is that people feel pain and tend to walk slower than their usual pace, this means that their body does not get the amount of exercise it needs.

2. Cardio

Exercising on a treadmill is a great way to get in a full-body workout. It is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health and improve your stamina.

If you are suffering from arthritis, it is better to start with walking and then move on to other exercises, to improve your cardio routine.

3. Stretch

When you are exercising on the treadmill, you should be stretching your muscles to make sure that they are getting enough exercise.

In addition to this, you should stretch out your arms, legs, neck, and back. Stretching is important for your joints as it makes sure that they are working at their full capacity.

Lastly, track the intensity and duration of your exercise session on your treadmill. This is one of the best ways to monitor your progress and keep track of your workouts.


Treadmills are great for people with arthritic knees because they can work out while walking on a flat surface.

The added benefit of using a treadmill for exercise is that it can be adjusted to match your physical abilities. However, there are some downsides to using a treadmill. For example, it’s important to make sure that your treadmill has anti-slip flooring.

If you have arthritis, make sure that the treadmill you choose is safe for your condition. What do you think? Would you consider using a treadmill to help maintain your health? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you all guys.

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