When it comes to jogging, you may find yourself in a predicament if you are overweight. Most obese or overweight persons want to run. Still, they are stalled by common challenging issues and phobias such as feeling ridiculed or being laughed at while running in a park, physical safety problems,  the desire to wear fashionable attires, etc. Hence, heavy treadmills help you exercise in a safe environment, and once you start shedding weight, you get confident confidence for outdoor sessions.

Heavy folks seeking a treadmill should prioritize heavy treadmills with a higher maximum weight capacity. The Best Treadmill for Heavy Person should preferably have a maximum weight of 350 to 400 lbs, if not 450 lbs. These treadmills are also ideal for prominent persons due to their improved shock absorbers and extensive running belts.

Why should obese use the treadmill?

Most treadmills for obese people are electric and feature computer functions, making it simple and inspiring to measure how far you’ve come and keep motivated to attain your long-term weight loss goals. There are numerous methods for losing weight while still being in good shape. You would gain more than simply good health if you used the finest treadmill for obese people.

While weight lifting and small trampoline rebounding are traditional strategies to reduce weight, exercising on a treadmill for plus size helps you lose weight even faster. The most excellent treadmill for heavy runners, in my opinion, is one that comes with an ultimate caloric burner, capable of burning up to 1000 calories per hour.

The exercise equipment for severely obese people will help you choose the finest treadmill for overweight. We recommend that you select a cardio machine for big men with a treadmill weight limit of 300 pounds or more, while I like treadmills designed for 400 pounds or more.

In addition, you should look for a wide treadmill for big guys with at least a 20inch x 58inch running surface. The most excellent treadmill for overweight persons may be a broader treadmill with a wider running surface. Don’t be startled; the reason is simply that such treadmills for prominent persons are particularly broad, allowing for more excellent breathing space around the runner.

Buying Guide – Things to consider while buying Best Treadmill for Heavy person

Before purchasing a treadmill for heavy persons, there are various variables to consider. These are some examples:

Build Quality:

Relatively cheaper treadmill models are often lightweight and made of less expensive materials. Looking at the total weight is an excellent method to evaluate the quality of the treadmill. A low-quality obese treadmill will weigh less than 25 kg. When assembled, a high-quality, heavy-duty treadmill will be closer to 100 kilograms, making it more durable and robust.

Maximum Weight Capacity:

The weight restriction for runners is primarily related to the build quality. The average user weight limit ranges from 200 pounds to 250 pounds. If you merely intend to walk at first, you can use a treadmill with a user weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. But an ideal weight capacity for heavy runners should be at least 400 pounds.

Shock Absorption:

This technology guarantees that the treadmill takes a large portion of the pressure of your foot contacting the ground.  An excellent rear suspension not only minimizes the stress on your joints but also helps to lessen treadmill noise.

Running Area:

The greater the surface area of the running deck, the more sufficient it is for heavy people. Manufacturers frequently cut corners of the treadmill, so make sure the running surface is extensive and spacious enough to accommodate your pace. Running grounds can be as small as 80cm by 28cm, insufficient for most tall or overweight runners. For large, heavyweight runners,  100cm x 40cm or more surface area is preferable.

Motor Speed:

Some treadmills have no motors at all and are referred known as manual or self-operating treadmills. These are almost always relatively cheaper and inexpensive models that are not ideal for overweight runners. Look for a treadmill with at least 2 HP motors and 10 km/hr or higher speeds for heavy runners.

7 Best Treadmills for Heavy Person

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7857 Walking Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Walking Treadmill

Key Features

  • The treadmill features a 44L x 19.5W inches running area and accommodates up to 295 lbs.
  • The running surface features shock absorption technology to protect knees from severe impact
  • It comes with 2.5 HP motor power and adjustable speed options from 0.6-5 MPH.
  • The treadmill features a user-friendly console allowing for easy workout sessions.

Key Specifications

Power SourceCorded Electric
Frame MaterialSteel
Item Weight123 pounds
Maximum Horsepower2.5 Horsepower
Speed Rating5 miles per hour
Deck Length58 inches

The sunny health and fitness treadmills have made it easier for you to exercise on the minimum jump height treadmill. The treadmill is known for its spacious yet straightforward 44L x 19.5Winches running area, accommodating up to 295 lb. The running deck’s shock absorption technology lowers the impact on joints and muscles of the user when walking or jogging on its surface.

It comes with a high-responsive and heavy-duty motor with 2.5 peak horsepower. This powerful motor has an adjustable speed that ranges from 0.6 to 5 mph. Moreover, this treadmill has a user-friendly console with a port and built-in speakers to play your favorite music and adjust speed by using speed buttons while exercising.

It features a user-friendly console that comes with nine in-built workout programs. You can also customize your workout sessions. The treadmill has a large LCD that displays time elapsed, distance covered, speed, calories burned, and pulse rate. It has a convenient bottle and smartphone holders.

The treadmill features front-facing transportation wheels, making it easy to move the treadmill from room to room. Even though it has a  minimal-looking design which makes it simple to stow the training equipment, this treadmill crosses all the ticks for the ideal treadmill for heavy persons.


  • User-friendly console
  • Larger running area
  • Transportation wheels
  • Adjustable speed range


  • The belt only has 1-ply

2. Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill

Key Features

  • Maximum weight capacity 350 pounds
  • The treadmill features a spacious walking surface of 19.5 inches wide
  • The fast button feature allows you to change your running speed, preferably
  • The intelligent LCD screen displays all your exercise movements
  • The treadmill features hydraulic soft drop technology that allows easy and secure unfolding

Key Specifications

Power SourceCorded Electric
Frame MaterialSteel
Item Weight64.86 pounds
Maximum Horsepower2.5 Horsepower
Speed Rating6 miles per hour
Deck Length60.5 inches

The Sunny Life Health and Fitness SF-T7643 Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill can help you get in shape in no time, making it ideal for heavyweight users. This treadmill offers a firm and steady base for people of all fitness levels—the spacious walking surface measures 19.5 inches wide. The useful fast button feature allows you to reach the preferred training tempo rapidly.

The Smart LCD screen on the treadmill makes it simple to monitor your progress! The screen display starts showing you your movement, duration, mileage, and burnt calories when you exercise. This machine helps a lot with calorie burning, and the bulky features providing a safe and enjoyable workout. 

The machine has a high weight capacity of 350 lbs and can be readily relocated to fit the space you’re in. Treadmill cushioning reduces the initial impact on your legs and joints, allowing you to run for extended periods with less exhaustion than running outside on the hard pavement.

This treadmill has an excellent hydraulic method that enables the surface to drop itself to the floor smoothly. The hydraulic soft drop system ensures secure, hands-free spreading. The SoftDrop folding technology helps the user to fold and store the treadmill easily.


  • Soft drop technology
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • LCD screen
  • Spacious walking area


  • No shock absorbers

3. OMA 5108EB Treadmill

OMA Treadmills for Home 5108EB

Key Features

  • Maximum weight capacity 300 pounds
  • The treadmill features a DA-2.25HP High-performance noise-free motor
  • The treadmill has a 6-LAYER Adjustable CUSHIONING Belt with a 16.5-inch running area
  • The treadmill has a fast button on the handlebars that allows you to adjust speed to 8.1 MPH
  • The treadmill has an HD active touchscreen featuring 36 Prebuilt Programmes

Key Specifications

Power SourceCorded Electric
Frame MaterialSteel
Item Weight92.2 pounds
Maximum Horsepower2.25 Horsepower
Speed Rating8.1 miles per hour
Deck Length16.5 inches

The OMA 5105EB Home Treadmill is a good home workout machine at an affordable price. It offers several functions and can provide various activities that customers will love and find motivating. When fully completed, this treadmill is a large machine for household use. It measures around 62.4-inches long and 27-inches wide.

The treadmill features a DA-2.25HP High-performance noise-free motor. Allowing you to enjoy the thrill of indoor exercising in a calm setting without bothering others. This treadmill provides enough energy to last more than 60 minutes of workout.

The treadmill has a 6-LAYER Adjustable Cushioning Belt with a 16.5-inch bigger running space that is antislip and shock-absorbing to protect your knees and joints. The treadmill also features auto-incline fast buttons here for quick access to 3 different incline levels.

The treadmill has a fast button on the handlebars that allows you to start or pause the treadmill at any time and swiftly vary the speed from 0 up to 8.1 MPH. It offers a variety of running styles, including running, walking, and strolling.

The treadmill has an HD active touchscreen, which is the giant screen available. You can monitor your velocity, duration, pulse, time, and burnt calories on the panels. The treadmill features 36 Prebuilt Programmes and 3 Customizable Training programs that deliver on-demand workouts to your home and directly into your treadmill.


  • 6-layer adjustable cushioning belt
  • Fast button
  • HD active touchscreen
  • DA-2.25HP


  • No heart sensors

4. ProForm 2000 Treadmill

ProForm 2000 Treadmill

Key Features

  • Maximum weight capacity 300 pounds
  • The treadmill features a 3.5 CHP power engine and 0 to 12 MPH quick speed adjustments
  • The treadmill features an -3 – 15% digital quick decline and inclines control
  • The running deck of the treadmill is cushioned and features built-in shock absorbers
  • The treadmill features a wider 22-inches belt with a 1-ply tread belt

Key Specifications

Power SourceCorded Electric
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight210 pounds
Maximum Horsepower3.5 Horsepower
Speed Rating12 miles per hour
Deck Length60 inches

The ProForm Pro 2000 has a 3.5 CHP horsepower engine, making it somewhat more potent than other treadmills in the same weight capacity category. The Pro treadmill comes with a top speed of 12 MPH. The combination of speed and the integrated wireless heart rate monitor increases the impact of your work and exertion.

The treadmill has an incline level of up to 15%, equivalent to other treadmills in its category, but it also has a -3% declining feature. It uses a pre-programmed workout with both incline and deceleration that can nearly simulate real-world outdoor walking. If you’ve signed up for running a 5k or some other marathon and want to prepare your physique for both the incline and downhill stages, this is a valuable option.

The treadmill’s running deck has a robust cushioning system, instilled with shock absorbers that are strategically positioned on each side of the belt to help reduce impact the impact on your body. It features a 22 inches wide tread belt, which is longer than the average life that most of its competitor’s competitor’s, but it only has a single-ply.

The treadmill offers a user-friendly console with several settings, incorporating Google Maps and iFit technology. It can be motivating to browse new sites for most overweight users, and it can provide some great distractions when you start your walks, to keep them going.


  • 2.25 CHP motor
  • -3-15% incline
  • Deck cushioning
  • Shock absorbers


  • Only one ply

5. LifeSpan Fitness Folding Treadmill

LifeSpan Fitness Folding Treadmill

Key Features

  • Maximum weight capacity 250 pounds
  • A Bluetooth connectivity option to connect the treadmill with the phone and sync with different apps.
  • It features 21 preset training programs to provide you a helpful guide for a workout at home.
  • A strong ¾ inch Phenolic deck with eight compression shock absorbers to protect the joints.
  • 7-inch LCD touch display that helps you customize your workout routine with ease.

Key Specifications

Power SourceCorded Electric
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight87 pounds
Maximum Horsepower2.5 Horsepower
Speed Rating6.7 miles per hour
Deck Length56 inches

The LifeSpan Folding Treadmill combines the performance and quality you want with the machine’s flexibility to help you store it easily. Specially designed for home, this folding treadmill includes several valuable features while keeping your comfort and performance in mind.

This LifeSpan treadmill comes with a strong and non-slippery ¾ inch Phenolic deck to prevent losing balance during the exercise. The running surface features eight shock absorbers for protecting your joints by reducing the impact and providing maximum comfort.

It has a hydraulic lift system to fold the treadmill with ease and a compact design to store for later use. It comes with a 7-ich touch LCD to track your performance during the workout session. Moreover, it also allows you to customize your workout routine with ease due to this touch LCD.

Bluetooth connectivity to connect the treadmill with your phone to play music and sync with different training apps. It features 21 preset training programs, including HR control, Sports Training, Healthy Living, and weight loss, to assist you with a perfect guide for exercise at home.


  • Well-built
  • Compression Shock Absorbers
  • High-responsive and powerful motor
  • Solid running trail


  • Short handlebars

6. Exerpeutic TF1000 Treadmill

xerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill

Key Features

  • Maximum weight capacity 400 pounds
  • A powerful motor with adjustable speed up to 4 miles per hour with 0.1 mph increments.
  • Extra-long handrails with heart pulse pads to provide safety and measure the heart rate.
  • A more expansive and solid running deck to provide maximum safety during the workout.
  • It has a compact and foldable design with transportation wheels that makes it easy to move and store.

Key Specifications

Power SourceCorded Electric
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight142 pounds
Maximum Horsepower1.5 Horsepower
Speed Rating12 miles per hour
Deck Length40 inches

Exerpeutic TF1000 treadmill is an effective method to burn some extra calories and achieve fitness goals. Walking and Running on this Exerpeutic product is one of the easiest ways to get the healthy lifestyle you want. Unlike other treadmills, it can lift 400 pounds, perfect for users of all fitness levels.

It features a solid and more expansive running deck of 20 inches to help you keep your balance while working out. The solid running surface also has shock-absorbing technology to reduce the impact from joints and provide maximum comfort. Now, do your workouts without worrying about injuries.

It comes with extra-long handlebars with a pulse to help your grip correctly for safety and measure the pulse rate. This treadmill has a foldable compact design, due to which it can easily fold to save storage. The transportation wheels help in moving the treadmill with ease.

TF1000 Treadmill features a high-torque, heavy-duty motor with a maximum speed of 12 mph and 1.5 peak horsepower. Moreover, the handrails have speed control buttons that help adjust the speed up to 4 mph with 0.1mph increments. You can monitor the workout performance with the help of an LCD screen.


  • LCD console
  • 400pounds weight capacity
  • Two manual incline positions
  • Heart pulse pads


  • Average build quality

7. Famistar 3.5HP Folding Treadmill

Famistar 3.5HP Folding Treadmill

Key Features

  • Maximum weight capacity 300 pounds
  • A powerful, quiet motor of 3.5 HP can speed up to 16km/h and reduce the noise.
  • The ultra-strong shock-absorbing hydraulic springs reduce the impact on joints during the workout.
  • A built-in electric auto-incline function that helps you lift the treadmill without stopping the exercise.
  • Heart rate pulse pads on both handrails to monitor your pulse and adjust the exercise rhythm.

Key Specifications

Power SourceCorded Electric
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight120 pounds
Maximum Horsepower3.5 Horsepower
Speed Rating12 miles per hour
Deck Length48.4 inches

Famistar sports has an aim to distribute quality fitness and exercise tools for customers. Famistar has been helping users to achieve fitness goals for years. They are constantly improving the quality of their product for customer’s convenience. This Famistar Folding Treadmill is also no exception!

It has a wide running belt to provide workout security. This multi-layered running surface comes with shock-absorbing hydraulic springs and traditional shock absorbers to protect the joints by reducing the impact of running and walking.

The running treadmill features built-in electric auto incline functions. There are incline buttons at the head of the treadmill that makes this function quick and straightforward. Unlike other treadmills, this one spares you with pausing the workout to lift the treadmill and set the incline levels.

You can monitor the pulse rate with the help of a heart pulse sensor present at the handlebars of treadmills. Moreover, it has a powerful motor with 3.5 horsepower that can speed up to 14 km/h. The motor has a Quiet drive technology that helps to reduce the noise during the workout.


  • Shock absorbing springs
  • 15% incline
  • Hydraulic Rod Soft folding
  • Two-year warranty on parts


  • No Bluetooth connectivity



Every bulky person wants to get fit. The treadmill is among the essential components that you need to achieve fitness goals. But buying the treadmill can be tricky if you don’t have a better understanding of them.

We have reviewed a few Best Treadmills for Heavy Person to help you exercise at home to solve this problem. So, pick the treadmill from the above that seems good to you and start losing weight!