How Does A Manual Treadmill Work

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Treadmills are the modern way of making sure you never miss out on a run especially when it’s bad weather. It gives you a great amount of liberty when it comes to working out. Whether you want to do heavy HIIT or just a light warm-up before indulging in other exercises, a high-end treadmill has got you covered.

Given the number of features that have now been added into treadmills, it is still seen that some users don’t want to go all out on their budgets and look for simple designs.

This is where a manual treadmill comes into play. Manual treadmills have been around for quite along. All the motorized treadmills you see in the markets these days have arrived a few years back.

Before them, manual treadmills were the big bad and they still are. Given their inexpensiveness and how most of these treadmills are lightweight and easy to maneuver, you should go for a manual treadmill if you’re purchasing it for household use.

But how does a manual treadmill work? Let’s find out.

A manual treadmill isn’t operated by electricity just like the name suggests. It is solely operated by you and your legs. You will have to put in all the effort and energy to make the belt move on the platform. It doesn’t automatically start spinning because there is no motor to power it up.

A manual treadmill is said to be very safe to use since it requires human effort. It stops as soon as you stop running just like the belt begins to move as you do. You can maintain a steady pace on a manual treadmill and don’t have to meet the calibration of the speed you have set.

These treadmills come in two different belt varieties, a curved belt, and a flat belt. The latter is a flat surface that begins to move when you move whereas the former follows the arc your feet start moving in.


So this is everything we could gather on manual treadmills. Before buying a treadmill like this one, there are some things you need to keep in mind. We recommend a curved belt treadmill instead of a flat belt since it’s great for runners.

If you have pets or kids at home then a manual treadmill would be a good choice since you will not have to worry about the moving belt and somebody getting injured because of it. Also, it is safe to use since it stops when you stop and since there is no electricity required to operate, there will be zero chances of any short circuit.

Manual treadmills do ask for all the effort from the users. So the more energy you put in, the more calories you will be burning. On a whole, manual treadmills are a great option for first-timers who have never used a treadmill before.

Hopefully, we were able to answer all your questions regarding manual treadmills. Do leave us with your feedback below.

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