How Long Does It Take To Walk 3 Miles On A Treadmill

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Is it hard for you to make time for a walk? Bring in a treadmill to your home and enjoy the same benefits as you do when going out for a walk. Although, several variables are going to affect your walking duration on a treadmill. However, at an average estimate, it will take around 45-55 minutes for you to complete three miles given you’re walking at a moderate pace.

We won’t recommend that everyone should walk on the treadmill for 3-miles especially if you’re just starting. It does burn a lot of calories but you should start slow and then extend your walking time as you get used to the pace.

Depending on your speed, incline, and the pace of the motorized belt, it will take some time for you to complete 3-miles. Every treadmill comes with a console display that will let you know about your speed, time duration, and how many miles you have walked. Take that into notice once you start working out. We also loved the latest cushioned treadmills on the market that make walking a whole lot fun.

How Long Does It Take To Walk 3 Miles On A Treadmill?

Most beginners prefer to walk at 3.1mph while some prefer to walk a little faster so we have mentioned the time duration and speed while keeping both points in perspective. To walk 3-miles, will certainly take around 45-minutes to one hour once you become consistent. The following table will show you everything you need to know in this regard,

Miles/ Hour (mph)Minutes/ Mile

Time for 3 miles

2.524:001h 12 min
3.020:001h 0 min

Speed and incline

The two main aspects that will affect the time you spend on a treadmill are speed and incline. If you’re walking at 3mph, then increasing or decreasing the speed will affect your resistance and in turn, will determine how much it will take for you to complete a 3 miles run.

Just like that, if you increase your incline then it will possibly lower the speed you’re going at depending on how much uphill it is. Both these variables undoubtedly affect your speed and how soon or late will you complete a 3-mile run.

How much should I walk on a treadmill while keeping a safe side?

According to the CDC, you should walk 2 hours and 30 minutes every week to stay active and maintain a healthier lifestyle. This means you can walk 30-minutes a day and stay healthy. This can also be increased according to what your goal is.

If you are more focused on losing weight, then you walk up to 45 minutes to 1-hour every day and shed weight pretty quickly. Also, don’t forget to focus on a healthier lifestyle in terms of your eating habits if you’re trying to lose weight.


If you are walking every day to stay fit and lose weight, start slow and then increase your time duration gradually. Don’t jump on a treadmill and walk 3-miles on your beginning day. You will end up losing your focus and get tired pretty quickly.

Start by walking 30-minutes a day and then increase your pace accordingly. You can always increase the incline to burn more calories. If you’re a fitness enthusiast who uses treadmills religiously, do let us know about how you use them, what are your plans, and if you have anything that you’d like to suggest to our readers.

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