How To Fix A Slipping Treadmill Belt

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A treadmill by far is the most important and imperative piece of equipment for people who want to stay fit and healthy. Over the years, millions of people have invested in treadmills for home use and have been very satisfied with their purchases.

But if you have a treadmill in your home, you can’t always run to a professional for help regarding treadmill issues. The most common one being, a slipping belt. You should be able to fix it yourself which is exactly why we are here.

In order to learn how to fix a slipping treadmill belt, you first need to understand why is it slipping or skipping, and only then you will be able to address that problem accordingly. Following are a few reasons due to which treadmill belts usually slip and you will find how to fix these issues right there.

Needs Lubrication

When you run on the platform, it causes friction and the belt becomes dry underneath. This keeps the belt from moving smoothly which is why you may experience a lot of disturbance while you exercise.

It has a very popular solution which is lubrication. All you have to do is get the manufacturers to suggest lube and lubricate the belt. Once that is done, plug your treadmill and start running again, your problem will be solved.

Belt Might be Loose

The drive belt also gets worn out over time. If you step on the treadmill and the motor is still running but the belt isn’t, then this is a clear indication the belt is losing and it needs fixation.

You will have to replace the drive belt. There is not much that can be done here.

The Front Roller Pulley Might have Lost its Grip

Another reason why the belt starts slipping is that the front pulley has lost its grip. The pulley is the main part that accommodates the weight on the belt and keeps it moving. But over time, the pulley can lose its grip and that is why the belt starts slipping.

This is probably out of your expertise and we would suggest you rather have a professional take a look at your treadmill. You won’t be able to fix it yourself.

Walking Belt Might be Loose

If you still can’t figure out what is wrong with your belt, then chances are your walking belt may have lost its tension and that needs fixing.

When the walking belt is loose, you are bound to experience a lot of slippages once you step on the platform. One of the common reasons why the belt becomes loose is because it loses its tension due to frequent and rigorous use.

We would recommend that you replace your walking belt completely. There is nothing that you can do to repair it so the only choice you have here is the replacement.


A slipping treadmill belt is no biggy. It happens very frequently and doesn’t necessarily indicate that something is massively wrong with your treadmill. It just means that your belt has a problem and you can easily have it fixed.

Hopefully, now you will be able to have your treadmill belt fixed without having to involve foreign help. We would love to hear your take on this and if you’re a treadmill owner, do tell us how do you fix the issues that arise with your treadmill.

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