NordicTrack Treadmill Reviews

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Fitness requires a lot of motivation and consistency; going to the gym every day requires significant pep talk. Are you a lazy person who does not enjoy going to the gym but looking for ways to be fit? We suggest buying a treadmill and starting with a few minutes of cardio at home. However, treadmills are expensive, and a lot of research is required to get your hands on them.

A few famous brands, such as NordicTrack, offer a great series of treadmills with exceptional functionality and results. If you haven’t read NordicTrack treadmill reviews before, you are at the right spot. We will mention every detail and much more to help you choose the best treadmill for yourself.

NordicTrack is one of the famous brands that stand out in the gym equipment market. It also offers additional support, such as iFit membership with numerous workouts. If you like to experiment with treadmill settings, Nordictrack is the right one for you.

It offers incline and decline settings that can help you lose weight and work on making your calves stronger. You can also use the treadmill if you have knee issues, as it’s soft cushioning is perfect for supporting body weight. Let’s have a look at Nordic track treadmills in further detail.

Complete Detail of Available Models of Nordictrack on Amazon

Nordictrack has launched a few series in the past couple of years targeting different audiences. They have a commercial series, an incline series, and an EXP series. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Commercial 1750 Treadmill (Read Full Review)
  • Commerical 2450 Treadmill
  • Commerical 2950 Treadmill
  • NordicTrack T Series 6.5S , 6.5Si
  • NordicTrack T Series 8.5S
  • NordicTrack T Series 9.5S

The commercial series

Sale NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills + 30-Day iFIT Family...
NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills + 30-Day...
Sale NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills + 30-Day iFIT Family...
NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills + 30-Day...
Sale NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills + 30-Day iFIT Family...
NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills + 30-Day...

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The commercial series is perfect if you are looking for a blend of supreme quality and impeccable features. With a deck of 22 x 60 inches, you get ample space to run and feel like you have enough room to work out. You can experiment a lot and get faster results with an impeccable speed threshold of 0-12 mph. The incline range of –3% to 15% will give you a whole experience of all the dips and alleviations you generally feel on the road. Weight capacity of 300 pounds is ideal and makes it a versatile treadmill. You get a two-year parts warranty, a ten-years warranty on the frame, and a one-year labor warranty. It has RunFlex cushioning technology to reduce impact, a touchscreen, and a free iFit limited membership. You can get it for $1599 after the discount.

The incline series

NordicTrack Commercial X22i Incline Treadmill with 40% Incline and...

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The incline series has streaming capabilities and controls; hence, it is an excellent choice if you have extra bucks to spare. Priced at $2799 after discount, it provides an excellent incline option ranging from –6% to 40%. The 22 x 60 inches running deck provides users with enough room to run freely. It takes up more space but has good training options. With a 0-12 mph speed option, you can challenge yourself deeply. The weight capacity ranging up to 136 kilograms is ideal for obese and skinny people. On the other hand, it has great built-in speakers that will help you enjoy good music.

The EXP series

The EXP series is a mid-range treadmill which is ideal if you want to make a budget-conscious decision without compromising on the quality. It has a slightly smaller deck of 20 x 60 inches but is compact enough to fit into smaller spaces. We like the foldable design as you can tuck it in the corner when not using it. It is priced at $1299 with a 7-inch screen to see your progress. The 0-12% incline options are ideal for a great workout, and 0-12 mph speed provides versatility. The automatic training control and Bluetooth speaker options will have you have a banging workout session. 

Product name  Nordictrack C 700Nordictrack treadmill desk  Nordictrack EXP 7iNordictrack C X22i
ImageNordicTrack C 700 TreadmillNordicTrack Desk TreadmillNordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills + 30-Day iFIT Family...NordicTrack Commercial X22i Incline Treadmill with 40% Incline and...
Deck  FlexSelect cushioning Cushioned-deckFlexSelect cushioning FlexSelect cushioning 
Tread belt  20 x 55 inches 20 x 55 inches 20 x 60 inches 22 x 60 inches 
Incline  0-10%0-10%0-12%-3-12 %
Speed range  0-10mph 0-6mph 0-12mph 0-12 mph 
Interactive program  iFitiFitiFitiFit
Display console  LED displayLCD Window7-inch touch displayLED display
Fan  Auto-breeze No Auto-breeze Auto-breeze 
Weight capacity300 pounds 300 pounds 300 pounds 300 pounds 
Built-in programs20 workouts 0 workouts iFit only workouts 20 workouts 
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Top Three Models of Nordic Treadmill

Here are the top-three Nordic treadmill models that you must have a look at:

1.    NordicTrack Commercial X22i

NordicTrack Commercial X22i Incline Treadmill with 40% Incline and...

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The NordicTrack commercial X22i treadmill has to be one of the best treadmills with great training options. We like how the treadmill is packed with numerous options leading you to have the best fitness experience. The X22i model is highly-priced at $2999, but its features are incredible. With the highly sensitive training controls, you get to have the best experience. The intensity is self-adjusting according to your capabilities. The 22-inch screen helps you monitor your calories, mileage, speed, incline, etc.

You have ample running space as the deck is 22 x 60 inches long. The built-in Bluetooth speakers are perfect as you get to jam to your favorite music while training intensely. With –6% to 40% incline capabilities, you can have a highly versatile training session. You get to switch between multiple speed ranges between 0-12 mph making the cardio as mild or as intense as you like. We like the 300 pounds weight capacity as it is perfect for people of diverse sizes. The touch-screen and automatic training controls are ideal for a seamless experience. You get a comprehensive warranty, and also, the RunFlex cushioning makes it even better.

2.    NordicTrack EXP 10i

The NordicTrack EXP series is one of the midline series with great features and functionality. Priced at $1599, it has everything you are looking for and beyond. The treadmill is perfect for compact spaces due to its foldable design. You can rest it against the wall or tuck it behind the cupboard when not using it. The 20 x 60 inches running deck is ideal for steady movement and having fun while training professionally. You get 0-12 mph speed options ideal for lazily strolling, jogging, or running. The –3%-12% incline setting is ideal for people who want to keep fit but not train as hard.

Are you someone who cannot move without some good music? Guess what! You get a full-blown Bluetooth speaker system within the treadmill, which you can use to play your favorite music. With 300 pounds weight capacity, your whole family can use the treadmill. Also, you get a good warranty on the treadmill. The warranty includes ten years on the frame, two years on parts, and one year on labor. The 10-inch screen is ideal for tracking your progress and much more. With automatic training controls, you can work every muscle in your body.

3.    NordicTrack commercial 2950

NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills + 30-Day iFIT Family...

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The Nordictrack commercial 2950 is an aggressive machine that helps in better productivity and controls. It is a bulkier machine that takes up a good space; hence, this is a treadmill to own if you have room to spare. Priced at $2499, it does full justice to your investment and has exceptional controls. With the 22 x 60 inches running deck, you get ample room to move around. The flip-up 22-inch screen is great to track the number of calories burnt. It has excellent connectivity options for WIFI and Bluetooth. The RunnersFlex belt cushioning provides ample support to users with knee issues.

On the other hand, we like its folding mechanism as it allows you to tuck it in the corner after you are done. If you want an excellent incline option, this treadmill offers –3% to 15% incline. You can use the Google map view option on the screen and mimic running into the screen with dips and alleviations. With a maximum of 300 pounds weight capacity, you can run to your fullest potential. The treadmill can be used in multiple ways to train professionally. It is an excellent investment as it has a two-year part warranty.

Pros and Cons of Nordictrack Treadmills


●      Touch screen

Nordictrack treadmill integrates modern technology within its products, making it useful for users. The 14-inch screen is ideal for tracking the number of calories burnt, mileage, speed, incline, etc. You can flip the screen to look at the statistics to track your progress better. Also, it has a Google map view which makes you feel like you are on streets covering distance.

●      Explore new locations

One of the unique features of the Nordictrack treadmill is that you get to explore the real streets. The incline and decline from –3% to 15% are ideal for mimicking the roads’ heights, alleviations, and dips. You will feel more motivated and push yourself to cover a certain distance.

●      Cushioning

If you have knee issues, then the Nordictrack treadmills are an idea as they reduce the impact. The treadmills are perfect for swift movements as the soft-cushioned material absorbs shock. You feel more comfortable on the treadmill, pushing yourself to do better.


●      Less warranty

Nordictrack is not a cheap brand; hence, people expect to get a longer warranty. However, they provide only a two-year manufacturing warranty shorter than its competitors within the market.

●      Hard to assemble

The Nordictrack treadmills are not light; hence, much effort is used to move and assemble them. In addition to the shipping cost, you have to pay for professional help to assemble it.

How Does the NordicTrack Company Work?

The NordicTrack company has a few policies that a user must consider before calling customer service for help. Here you go:

●      Warranty

Nordictrack provides a limited warranty on its products, including a ten-year warranty on the frame. If the damage on the frame is customer-induced, it will not be repaired. You get a two-year warranty on the parts and an additional one-year warranty on the frame.

●      Shipping policy

NordicTrack charges a standard $250 shipping fee which you have to pay beforehand. The shipping charge is an additional fee not included in the actual product price. Keep this in mind when selecting a treadmill.

●      Return and refund

If the product is delivered to you damaged, you have to take pictures and call customer service immediately. The damaged product will be replaced, but your money will not be refunded. There is also no exchange or return policy on the Nordictrack treadmills.

●      Assembly

The Nordictrack treadmills are not pre-assembled, and also its parts are heavier. You will have to call for a professional assembling service and additional help to move it around, which may cost you additional money.

What do we like in the Nordic Treadmills?

Here are a few things we like in the Nordic treadmills which are worth highlighting:

●      A silent motor

Most treadmills make a loud noise, but that’s not the case with Nordictrack treadmills. Nordictrack treadmills have 3.5 CHP motors that support 0-12 mph speed. The machine supports an increase in speed at regular intervals without jerking. Even when running at a higher speed, the sound is not as harsh. The silent motor also makes the treadmill Bluetooth speakers more effective and clearer.

●      RunnersFlex cushioning

Most treadmills tend to put a lot of pressure on your knee, which can cause a lot of strain on it. People with knee problems have a hard time running at a higher speed as it can cause pain. However, the Nordictrack RunnersFlex cushioning technology is perfect for a comfortable experience on the treadmill. It helps in eliminating stress from the knees and lowering the impact. The absorption of shock helps in steady movements without putting much stress on your knees.

●      Great incline range

The NordicTrack treadmill offers great incline ranges to a user for a more stable and steady cardio workout. You get –6% to 40% incline ranges which is insanely effective to work out on your whole body. You can use the Google map view option to have a more realistic running on the road experience with alleviations and dips.

●      Bluetooth speakers

People want to listen to their favorite music while working out on a treadmill. Going wireless is the best option to have a comfortable yet fun experience. You can connect to the treadmill’s Bluetooth speakers and listen to your favorite songs without using headphones.

●      Spacious tread belt

You get a 60-inches long tread belt which is perfect to have a good amount of running space. Also, the foldable design in its series is perfect for keeping a heavier treadmill in a compact space. You can keep the treadmill tucked away in tiny spaces.

What do we dislike about the Nordictrack Treadmills?

●      Need professional help

You need professional help to build the treadmill and move it from one place to another. The manual is helpful, but it is hard to put together the treadmill yourself. The parts are bully; hence, you need help to make them around.

●      Limited warranty

Nordictrack treadmills are not cheap; hence, people expect to get a more extended warranty on its product. They have the same warranty for all the treadmill series, which is not great for customer value. The high-end treadmills must have a more extended warranty.


Our verdict

If you are looking for high-quality treadmills with professional training programs, Nordictrack treadmills are perfect. They are a little pricier, but they provide great speed and incline options. Its digital screen gives you a detailed insight into your heart rate, calories burnt, incline, speed, etc. Through the Nordictrack treadmill reviews, we hope you found everything you needed to know.