Sole Treadmill Reviews

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Developing an exercise habit can be extremely difficult since most public does not want to leave their comfort zone. Thus, you will always find them looking for solutions to which they can cling and increase their fitness. The treadmills are the best solutions that help you develop the perfect exercise routine. Regardless of your current fitness conditions, everyone prefers to walk on a treadmill, and that is a positive aspect since it enhances your health conditions and boosts your immunity. Plus, being an indoor solution, it can be used anytime.

The Sole treadmills are the highest-rated treadmills you will find in the market. As we know, excessive treadmills can strain your knees and ankles, but the Sole treadmill reviews will help you realize that some solutions minimize this effect. Sole treadmills are known for their high functioning motors and best technological features. The enhanced features help you enjoy your workout with a trustworthy product whose durability is of the highest extent making it the most user-friendly product you can find in the fitness market.

Complete Details of Available models of Sole treadmills

Sole F63 Treadmill

SOLE F63 Treadmill

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This treadmill comes with a high-performance motor that offers you smoothness during the workouts. Also, it gives you a quiet ride. The compactness helps you store it easily. With the control, you can make the desired adjustments and keep track of your activities with the help of an integrated LCD. The durable steel frame comes with a warranty.

Sole F80 Treadmil

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill (Previous Years Model)

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This treadmill reduces strains on joints, and the user-friendly interface allows progress tracking. The highest-grade steel build is highly durable with an integrated quiet but powerful motor. Easy adjustments, compact storage, and a lifelong warranty make it worth trying.

Sole F85 Treadmill

Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill

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The treadmill offers reduced stress to joints, and the high-performance motor helps you perform adjustments, set inclines, and smooth speed shifts. The easy progress tracking and console are user-friendly. The high-quality steel frame is guaranteed for life. Easily foldable treadmill with compact storage.

Sole TT8 Treadmill

SOLE TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill with Incline & Decline...

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The smoothness of rides and convenient incline and decline adjustments help you manage the impact on your body. The console is easy to operate. The strength of the frame is enhanced due to high-grade steel. The track for striding is wider comparatively, offering more space.

Sole ST90 Treadmill

Sole Fitness S77 Non-Folding Treadmill

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The unique deck with seat belt style offers grip to your feet. The console is user-friendly and offers easy controls and adjustments. The guaranteed for-life high-performance steel frame with the best warranty is equipped with a powerful motor that offers a quieter workout experience.

Sole F65 Treadmill

SOLE F65 Folding Treadmill with Bluetooth Capability

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The features of the F63 model are upgraded, and the affordability factor makes it the best. The admirable features help you enjoy a smoother workout with a powerful motor that is extremely quiet. The preset workout plans keep you motivated. The wider track offers more space for longer strides. Plus, the strong, high-performance steel frame is guaranteed for life.

Detailed Comparison of Top Treadmills by Brand

ImageSOLE, F63 Treadmill, Home Workout Foldable Treadmill with Integrated...SOLE F65 Folding Treadmill with Bluetooth CapabilityNew 2019 Sole F80 TreadmillSole Fitness S77 Non-Folding TreadmillSOLE F85 Folding Treadmill with Bluetooth TechnologySole TT8 Treadmill (2009-2010 Model, DISCONTINUED)
Motor HP3.0 CHP3.25 CHP3.5 CHP4.0 CHP4.0 CHP4.0 CHP
Deck2 Ply Belt2 Ply Belt2 Ply Belt2 Ply Belt2 Ply Belt2 Ply Belt
Incline0 to 15%0 to 15%0 to 15%0 to 15%0 to 15%-6 to 15%
Tread belt20” x 60”22” x 60”22” x 60”22” x 60”22” x 60”22” x 60”
Heart rate MonitoringPulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible and 2 Heart ProgramsPulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible and 2 Heart ProgramsPulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible and 2 Heart ProgramsPulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible and 2 Heart ProgramsPulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible and 2 Heart ProgramsPulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible and 2 Heart Programs
Speed0-12 MPH0-12 MPH0-12 MPH0-12 MPH0-12 MPH0-12 MPH
Interactive programSole AppSole AppSole AppSole AppSole AppSole App
Weight capacity325 lbs350 lbs375 lbs400 lbs400 lbs400 lbs
PresentsTen workoutsTen workoutsTen workoutsTen workoutsTen workoutsTen workouts
WarrantyLifetime Frame and Motor; 3 years on Deck, Electronics, and Parts; 1 year on LabourLifetime Frame & Motor Warranty, 3-Year Electronics, Deck and Parts, 1-Year Labour WarrantyLifetime Frame, Motor & Deck Warranty; 5-years on Electronics and Parts; 2-years on LabourLifetime Frame, Motor & Deck, 5-Years on Electronics, 2-Years on LabourLifetime Frame, Motor and Deck, 5-Years on Electronics and Parts, 2-Years on Labour(Residential) Lifetime Frame, Motor and Deck, 5-Years on Electronics and 2-Years on Labour. (Light Commercial) (Residential) Lifetime Frame, five years on Motor and Deck, 3-Years on Electronics and 1-Year on Labour
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Pros and Cons of Sole Treadmills


· Commercial product

The perfect built quality and the high durability of the Sole treadmills make them a commercial product so that they can be used in gyms and fitness centers of hotels, clubs, and institutes.

· Compact nature

A variety of Sole products come with the specification of compactness. They can be folded to acquire lesser space as compared to their counterparts. Thus, making them perfect solutions for closed spaces.

· Enhanced features

The enhanced features of the treadmills, such as integrated device charging, offer you the best experience during your workouts while keeping you and your device up and running.


· Increased weight

The weight of the product determines how easily it can be displaced. The increased weight of the Sole treadmills makes them difficult to move. Whenever you intend to move them, you will need some help.

· A low bank of workouts

The modern-day workout treadmills have several preset options that keep you up. Most of the Sole treadmills only have ten preset options. Sole treadmills might not be the desired solution for those looking for more.

· The price factors

The unaffordable nature of the Sole treadmills is not very appreciated. They are comparatively expensive. So, if your budget is limited, Sole treadmills are not an option.

Top 3 Products of Sole Treadmills

Sole F80 Treadmill

New 2019 Sole F80 Treadmill

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The Sole F80 is equipped with the Cushion Flex Whisper deck that reduces the strain on your joints during the workouts. The strain is reduced by almost 40% comparatively. The 3.5 CHP DC type motor offers you a speed ranging between 0.5 to 12 MPH. The treadmill incline is 0 to 15 % rack and pinion gear design. This, combined with a two-ply belt and pulse grip, and chest strap, offers you to monitor your health vitals during the workout.

The built-in ten preset workouts, fans, sound system, and a user-friendly console bearing LCD make it the perfect product. The dimensions of the product are 35 x 58 x 80 inches. The treadmill’s weight is 265 pounds, and it can bear 375 pounds. It also has several warranties against manufacturing defects, lifetime frame, motor, and deck warranty. The warranty on electronic products is limited to 5 years.

Sole F85 Treadmill

SOLE F85 Folding Treadmill with Bluetooth Technology

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This is a perfect commercial treadmill equipped with Cushion Flex Whisper Deck that lowers strain to almost 40% on your joints. The 4.0 CHP DC motor is noiseless and offers 0.5 to 12 MPH speed. The design has 0 to 15% rack and pinion design incline. The treadmill has a two-ply belt, and it is equipped with a chest strap that offers you monitoring of your health vitals during the workout.

There are ten built-in preset workouts and cooling fans, MP3 compatible sound system, and a user-friendly console bearing a 9-inch LCD makes it the perfect treadmill. The dimensions of the product are 35 x 58 x 80 inches. The treadmill’s weight is 265 pounds, but it can easily bear 400 pounds. The warranty against manufacturing defects accompanied by a lifetime frame, motor, and deck warranty makes it reliable. The warranty on electronic products is limited to 5 years.

Sole F63 Treadmill

SOLE, F63 Treadmill, Home Workout Foldable Treadmill with Integrated...

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The Sole F63 treadmill has built-in speakers compatible with an Mp3 player. The dimensions of the product are 75 x 33 x 58 inches. The treadmill’s maximum speed is recorded to be 12 miles per hour. The product requires assembly after delivery. There is also an integrated tablet holder being offered as a limited-time offer. There is also a USB port for integrating devices with the treadmill.

The treadmill has ten built-in preset workouts and cooling fans, and a user-friendly console makes it the perfect treadmill. The treadmill can easily bear 325 pounds. Plus, the warranty against manufacturing defects accompanied by a lifetime frame, 20 years motor, and three-year deck warranty make it reliable. The warranty on electronic products is limited to 3 years.

How Sole Treadmills works

The return policy

Buying large products can burden a person both financially and mentally. Therefore, Sole return policies will help you ease your mind with a 30-day trial period. Also, in the product return procedure, you will find that they offer restocking, shipping free of cost, and no extra charge applied to the product.

The refund policies

Although you can easily return a product, whether you will get your desired money in time is a question. Then you must fill out the form, and to do so, you must pay attention to the timeline because it should be done within 30 days of the delivery of the product. Once your fill out the form and the product is picked from your home. Just email the details at the official email address [email protected]. You will be refunded before the product even reaches the warehouse.


If you ever require warranty services for the Sole products. Then the team of professionals will be ready to serve you with a single phone call. The company has standardized the time that you will get all the services done within five days from the moment you make the call. But if you require more services under warranty in any unfortunate case, the company will bear 100% cost.

What We Like About Sole Treadmills

Professional grade parts

Since the Sole treadmills are utilized in the commercial sector, the parts used in its manufacturing are of the greatest extent. You will find all their products bearing two-ply tracks, and the rollers are at least 2.5 inches in diameter. Plus, the exceptional engineering skills make Sole products the best of the best.


Although the motors differ with the change in the model of the product, you will find all the motors ranging between 3.0 to 4.0 CHP. Since high-performance flywheels accompany them, these motors’ life is comparatively higher than the competitive products. Also, the motors are noiseless, making you enjoy your workouts.

Foldable nature

All the home treadmills manufactured by Sole can be easily folded because of their compact nature. It does not mean that their functional capacity is less than the non-foldable treadmills. The unique horseshoe design offers you the same productivity. You will find them sturdy, just like others.

The warranties of different parts

The warranties offered by Sole treadmills are unique and cannot be matched by any other competitor. The lifelong warranty for the high-performance steel frame and motors and the warranty for other electric parts starting from 3 years and above make them comparatively more reliable.

Additional features

The Sole treadmills have tablet holders and mp3 ports that can easily connect with the built-in speakers and other features such as a cup holder, heart rate receiver, tray, etc. These features make Sole products the best solution in the market.

What We Don’t Like About Sole Treadmills

Short handrails

Handrails are included in the assembly to offer stability and support to the runners. The longer the rails are, the more secure you feel. With the short rails, you feel less secure, and you might not be able to grab one during any unfortunate event.

Fewer presets

Most of the Sole treadmills have only ten preset workout plans. This is very low compared to other brands that offer you a bank of workout plans. Also, you cannot download new workouts, thus making them less desirable.


Our Verdict

Sole treadmills have made a name for themselves, and their products are being used in homes and commercial places, including gyms and fitness centers. These products are reliable, and their durability is unmatchable. The designs of the products are also very enchanting and have several additional features. The F85 treadmill is worth buying from Sole products.

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