Treadmill Burning Smell Causes and Solutions!

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We know the treadmill is a good machine to burn calories but getting a burning smell from your machine is a warning sign that just cannot be ignored. It means that your machine needs to be maintained and you must pay attention or you will lose your equipment for good.

What you need to do to fix the burning sensation omitting from your treadmill is to troubleshoot your machine. Try and find where the smell is coming from and then fix the entire problem altogether.

First of all, unplug your machine instantly if the smell starts to arise. There can be several reasons why the smell is coming. We are enlisting some of them for your information. Also, don’t forget to read the maintenance guidelines provided by your manufacturer to ease the entire fixation process. if you already found out what can be the possible reason for this smell, you won’t have to waste your time searching for it and get right to the problem.

The most common source of a treadmill burning smell is the motor. If you use your treadmill regularly, then it’s inevitable that over time, your motor gets filled with debris, hair, and dirt that needs to be clogged out.

In your user manual, you will the instructions on how you can remove the motor cover. Also, don’t forget to unplug your machine. You can use a vacuum or compressed air to clean around the motor and get it free of all the dirt that has been residing inside.

Also, another problem that is most commonly seen in cheaper treadmills is that friction causes the cardboard components to overheat which is another reason why you could be getting that burning smell.

  • Don’t forget the deck

Now that you have taken a look into the motor of your treadmill, we also want to bring the deck to your attention. The only way your treadmill is going to have a longer lifespan is if the deck and the platform are properly maintained as well.

Once you have cleaned your motor, don’t forget to clean the platform, deck, and underside of your treadmill. Also, if you have a treadmill model that allows lubrication, don’t forget to lubricate the belt to keep your platform away from friction.

If you find the deck and other parts of your machine have suffered through wear and tear, replace the parts and save your machine.

  • Search for electric shorts

A lot of times, the wiring of your treadmill can also malfunction which is another reason for the burning sensation to arise. Check the cords of your treadmill along with plugs and make sure there aren’t any short circuits.

These circuit failures can also occur in your treadmill’s console. A lot of times, a static current can cause the electronic components of your treadmill to fail. We will also suggest that you keep your treadmill on a mat so it can absorb the friction and debris before it invades the motor compartment.


There are several reasons for the treadmill burning smell. Make sure you look into the above-mentioned possibilities. In case you don’t find anything wrong with your treadmill but the burning smell persists, get in touch with your manufacturer so they can send help your way.

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