Treadmill Vs Exercise Bike – Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

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Treadmill Vs Exercise Bike – Both gymnasium equipment has unique features and numerous health benefits like burning extra calories, improving blood circulation, maintaining weight, and strengthening muscles.

The exercise bike is specialized equipment for indoor cycling, and also it possesses saddle paddles and handles bands to avoid any serious injury. Exercise bikes and treadmills both can be placed in the home gyms as it helps to burn calories.

Besides these benefits, if we compare an exercise bike with a treadmill, then a treadmill is best for weight loss as it reduces the risks of injuries and eases users.

You can place a treadmill anywhere at home by purchasing the required size that exactly matches the space in your room. It also offers a variety of workouts that aids in shedding kilos of weight in a short time.

Keeping this in mind, I am comparing various treadmill and exercise bike features, which proves that the treadmill is the best option for losing weight.

Treadmill vs Exercise Bike

1: Calorie Burn

To burn the calories, you must burn plenty of calories during the workout or burn more calories than you have consumed throughout the day. 

For example, while jogging and walking briskly on the treadmill, you can lose 600 to 700 calories per hour.

Treadmill’s workout reduces the demand for fats in the body and helps shed kilos of weight quickly.

While on the exercise bike, you can only burn around 400 calories or maybe 500 per hour, and don’t help you lose weight swiftly.

2: Injury Rate

If you are pretty concerned with the risk of injuries, then, unfortunately, treadmills have more injury risks because a bit of negligence can cause an ankle sprain, or you can fall off the machine. 

Treadmill injuries are a common cause of running-related pain and nerve damage. In addition, the joints in your feet can be badly strained by repetitive motion on the treadmill, which could lead to permanent lameness if not treated quickly enough with rests or surgery.

If you consider an exercise bike, it has fewer injury risks and safe equipment for exercising at home. However, exercising on the bike can cause pains in your knees, shoulders, and hips; however, regular messaging can cure these pains. 

3: Ease to use

Both the machines are user-friendly and require natural movement patterns and practice, but some negligence can cause severe injury.

The workout on the treadmill is more accessible when people get used to and feel the movement of the belt beneath them, while the exercise bike is all about hopping on the machine and going. Hence these equipment are the same in providing ease to the users.

4: Space

Exercising bikes takes less space in your room, and you can efficiently work out in a home gym with a small space. Also, you can place this machine in your garden if you want to work out in the fresh air.

Treadmills need a proper space for their working and also they can’t move from one room to another daily because of the space problems. However, you can use a folding treadmill to overcome this problem as it only requires space when unfolded.

5: Variability of workouts

If we consider the variability of workouts, both these equipment are good ways to boost your mental and physical health. However, the treadmill offers a variety of exercises, from jogging and walking briskly to the hills and high-intensity interval training.

All these workouts help lose weight and burn more and more calories. Also, it helps to enhance the working of your muscles.

Moreover, with the exercise bike, you can increase your speed of ride and increase the resistance of the body you use.

Final Words

Treadmills and exercise bikes are both excellent ways of exercising, but if you are concerned only with losing weight and want to burn more calories in a short time, then the treadmill is the best option for losing weight.

Moreover, it offers a variety of workouts like jogging and walking briskly. It is easy to use and requires less space, especially if a small room has space issues; you may choose a folding treadmill.

Exercise bikes possess remarkable features as it reduces the risks of injuries and strains. However, working out on treadmills is a more effective way of burning calories for weight loss.

I hope our guide will help you to choose the best equipment for your weight loss journey. Good Luck!

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